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Illinois Access to Justice is an Illinois state-wide program that seeks to mitigate the devastating consequences of all forms of detention and incarceration and the resulting crippling effects on historically marginalized communities. Through a coalition of community-centered organizations, we are expanding the network of holistic community-based legal services, including direct legal representation and mass legal literacy campaigns led by Community Navigators.


The Illinois Access to Justice network provides high quality legal services in the neighborhoods where people live and work, with the goal of reducing the collateral consequences of the justice system on individuals, their families and their communities. Legal Services include representation in criminal, civil, administrative, and immigration matters.

Types of cases include (but are not limited to):

On February 6, 2019, I was released from IDOC after serving over 20 years for a survival crime. Because of CGLA who partnered with a large law firm, my case was brought back before the courts and I became the first person to be represented and released under Illinois' new Domestic Violence law. We need Illinois Access to Justice for people like me. –Willete


Community Navigators serve as community educators and connectors. Community Navigator Programs recognize the role, talent, and expertise of community members directly affected by deportation and incarceration and provide invaluable outreach, education, document preparation, and navigation assistance to Illinois’ marginalized communities.

On December 6th, my husband was detained by ICE while our son watched. Katherine, an Illinois Access to Justice Attorney represented my husband at no cost; on January 9th my husband was released on bond. He is at home with our children. –Karla



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